What is SAP EWM ?

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What is SAP EWM ?

SAP EWM stands for SAP Extended Warehouse management. SAP EWM is the latest warehoouse management solution from SAP. It was designed from ground up keeping in mind the needs of large ,complex warehouses and distribution centres with high volume and velocity.

Because of the growing demand in warehouse, planning and procurement areas, SAP has stopped all the further development in SAP WM (SAP Warehouse Management) and came up with a new solution designed to meet customer’s demands in this highly competitive supply chain area and compete with the best of the breed ‘warehouse solutions’.

The first version of SAP EWM ( EWM 5.0 ) was released by SAP in 2005. SAP focused on building the SAP EWM solution primarily to cater to high volume planning, service order fulfillment and distribution of service parts, SAP EWM was launched as a part of the SCM solution and hence the name SCM-EWM.

Many clients thought that implementation of SAP EWM is just a technical upgrade from SAP WM. However this is not true. Both ERP WM and SCW-EWM though share some common themes in terms of functionalities, but both are two different products and architecturally completely different from one another.

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