What is the difference between SAP WM and EWM?

Difference between SAP WM and SAP EWM

Difference between SAP WM and EWM

We can categorize the difference between SAP EWM and SAP EWM  in two categories

Infrastructural / Org structure Difference and Master Data differences in SAP WM and EWM

1)SAP WM- Org structure elements like Warehouse number, storage type,storage sections are 3 characters long while in SAP EWM they are 4 characters long

2)SAP WM – Max. length of bin characters is limited to 10 characters while SAP EWM can have a bin of 18 characters long.

3)SAP WM – The bin number may not be unique across the warehouse structure, whereas in SAP EWM, its a requirement that the bin number has to be unique across the warehouse.

4)In SAP EWM there is a requiement to maintain enhanced master data elements like supply chain unit, business partners, activity areas and process types whereas in SAP WM , there is no such requirement.

5) In SAP WM , it is mandatory to create storage section, whereas in SAP EWM, it is not mandatory to create storage section.

Functionality difference between SAP WM and SAP EWM

1)A very important functionality related to SU / HU management is that in SAP WM, storage types can be SU managed or non SU managed. Whereas in SAP EWM the concept of SU is replaced by Handling units. Both HU and non HU managed stocks can exists in the same storage type.

2)In SAP EWM, there is a feature of graphical warehouse layout that helps to manage the org. elements and monitor material flow systems easily. This feature however does not exist in SAP WM.

3) In SAP EWM , Labour management functionality in available, however it is not available in SAP WM

4) In SAP EWM new functionalities like kitting,slotting, rearrangement and exception handling are available. These are not available in SAP WM.

5)Serial number visibility at bin level is possible in SAP EWM. This feature however does not exist in SAP WM.

6)The Warehouse cockpit is a new and useful feature of SAP EWM. This feature however does not exist in SAP WM.

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