SAP EWM Transaction Codes

Given below  is a list of most commonly used SAP EWM transaction codes arranged area wise.


Delivery Processing

Inbound Delivery

Maintain Inbound Delivery Notification
Maintain Inbound Delivery /SCWM/PRDI
GR Preparation – External Procurement /SCWM/GRPE
GR Preparation – Production /SCWM/GRPI
Physical Goods Receipt /SCWM/GR
Update Priority Points /SCWM/PRIOP_UPDATE
Merchandise Distribution: Maintain Quantity Adjustment (Flow-Through) /SCWM/MEDI_AQTY

Outbound Delivery

Maintain Outbound Delivery Request
Maintain Outbound Delivery Order /SCWM/PRDO
Maintain Outbound Delivery /SCWM/FD
Pickup /SCWM/SGI
Post Goods Issue in PSA /SCWM/DLV_GIPSA

Posting Change

Maintain Posting Change Request
Maintain Posting Change /SCWM/IM_PC


Maintain Condition Records for PPF Schedule Conditions
Process and Display PPF Actions SPPFP
Deactivate PPF Log Depending on Warehouse and User /SCWM/DLVPPFLOG


Warehouse Management Monitor /SCWM/MON
Goods Receipt Workload /SCWM/GRWORK
Monitor Correction Deliveries /SCWM/CORR
List of Hazardous Substances for Fire Department /SCWM/ILHS


Warehouse Cockpit

Warehouse Cockpit
Process Chart Template /SCWM/EGF_CHART


Graphical Warehouse Layout

Display Graphical Warehouse Layout /SCWM/GWL

Work Scheduling

Maintain Internal Stock Transfer /SCWM/IM_ST

Cartonization Planning

Cartonization Planning for Outbound Delivery Orders
Cartonization Planning for Waves /SCWM/CAPWAVE
Maintain Planned Shipping Handling Units /SCWM/CAP
Delete Planned Shipping Handling Units /SCWM/CAPDEL


Wave Management

Maintain Conditions for Determining Wave Templates
Maintain Wave Templates /SCWM/WAVETMP
Maintain Waves /SCWM/WAVE

Create Warehouse Task for Warehouse Request

Putaway for Inbound Delivery
Stock Removal for Outbound Delivery Order /SCWM/TODLV_O
Transfer for Internal Stock Transfer /SCWM/TODLV_M
Transfer for Posting Change /SCWM/TODLV_T

Create Warehouse Task Without Reference

Move Product
Move Handling Unit /SCWM/ADHU


Confirm Warehouse Task
/SCWM/RWOCR Manually Assemble Warehouse Tasks
/SCWM/DCONS Deconsolidation in Goods Receipt
/SCWM/QINSP Quality Inspection and Count
/SCWM/RFUI Log On to RF Environment
/SCWM/PACK Packing – General
/SCWM/VASEXEC Create Confirmation for VAS
/SCWM/CANCPICK Cancel Picking
/SCWM/ADGI Post Unplanned Goods Issue

Value-Added Services (VAS)

VAS in Goods Receipt Process
VAS in Goods Issue Process /SCWM/VAS_O
VAS for Kit Creation on Stock /SCWM/VAS_KTS
VAS for Reverse Kitting /SCWM/VAS_KTR
VAS for Internal Warehouse Operations /SCWM/VAS_INT VAS

Inspection Document

Process Product Inspection Document
Process HU Inspection Document /SCWM/QIDHU
Process Delivery Inspection Document /SCWM/QIDDH

Physical Inventory

Create Physical Inventory Document
Process Physical Inventory Document /SCWM/PI_PROCESS
Enter Count Results /SCWM/PI_COUNT
Create Phys. Inventory Count in List /SCWM/PI_COUNTLIST
Difference Analyzer /SCWM/DIFF_ANALYZER


Process and Display PPF Actions SPPFP


List of Changes
Shipment Monitor /SCTM/SHP_MON
Freight Document Monitor /SCTM/FRD_MON
Display Application Log /SCTM/APPLOG
Consistency check /SCTM/INCON_REP

Periodic Processing

Delete Completeness Data Sets
Upload Storage Bins and Count Data /SCWM/PI_UPLOAD
Download Storage Bins and Count Dat /SCWM/PI_DOWNLOAD
Adjust Serial Numbers at Warehouse-Number Level /SCWM/SER_CON_CHECK
Check Product for Complete Counting /SCWM/PI_COMPL_CHECK
Post Differences to ERP System /SCWM/WM_ADJUST
Print Physical Inventory Count Document /SCWM/PRPI_DOC
Determine and Set Prices from ERP /SCWM/VALUATION_SET
Create Physical Inventory Document /SCWM/PI_DOC_CREATE
Create Physical Inventory Document (Cycle Counting) /SCWM/PI_CC_CREATE

Interfaces for Sample-Based Physical Inventory

Download Stock Population
Upload Sample to Create PI Documents /SCWM/PI_SAMP_CR
Download Results or Stock Population /SCWM/PI_SAMP_UPDATE


Labor Management


Planning and Simulation
Load Planning and Simulation Results /SCWM/PL_LOAD


Maintain Indirect Labor Task

Employee Performance

Employee Performance Overview
Send Performance Document to HR /SCWM/EPD_TRANSFER


Master Data

Maintain Supply Chain Unit
Maintain Business Partner BP
Maintain Presentation Devices /SCWM/PRDVC
Maintain Consolidation Group /SCWM/DSGR
Assign Storage Bins for VAS Consumption Posting /SCWM/73000001


Classification System

Classes CL02


Resource Management

Maintain Resource Group
Maintain Queue Sequence for Resource Group /SCWM/QSEQ
Maintain Resource /SCWM/RSRC
Maintain Execution Priorities /SCWM/EXECPR
Maintain Users /SCWM/USER
Activate Resource Execution Control for Storage Groups /SCWM/REC_ACTIVATE
Maintain Queue Type Sequence /SCWM/QTSQ
Deactivate Messages to Resources /SCWM/RSCMSG_DEACT



Create Processor
Edit Processor /SCMB/PRR2
Maintain Business Partner BP



Slot Products for Warehouse
Activate Plan Values /SCWM/SLOTACT
Simulate Slotting /SCWM/SLOTOCC
Condition Maintenance for Slotting /SCWM/GCMC



Storage Bin

Create Storage Bin
Change Storage Bin /SCWM/LS02
Mass Change to Storage Bins /SCWM/LS11
Display Storage Bin /SCWM/LS03
Generate Storage Bins /SCWM/LS10
Sort Storage Bins /SCWM/SBST
Assign Start/End Storage Bin for Activity Area /SCWM/SEBA
Add User Status for Storage Bins /SCWM/BINSTAT
Assign Fixed Storage Bins to Products /SCWM/FBINASN
Maintain Fixed Storage Bin /SCWM/BINMAT
Delete Fixed Storage Bin Assignment /SCWM/FBINDEL
Print Fixed Bin Label /SCWM/PRFIXBIN
Print Storage Bin Label /SCWM/PRBIN
Maintain Verification Field /SCWM/LX45
Load Storage Bins /SCWM/SBUP
Load Storage Bin Sorting /SCWM/SRTUP



Maintain Product
Maintain Warehouse Product /SCWM/MAT1
Maintain Batches for Product /SCWM/WM_BATCH_MAINT
Activate Change Documents /SCWM/PROD_CD_READ
Display Generic Products /SAPAPO/GENART
Synchronize ERP/EWM Settings for Documentation Batches /SCWM/DBATCHSYNC
Transfer Cycle Counting Indicator from SAP APO /SCWM/CCIND_MAINTAIN


Hazardous Substance

Block Storage Type for Hazard Rating 1
Block Storage Type for Hazard Rating 2 /SCWM/T331SC2P


Work Center

Define Master Data Attributes
Determine Work Center in Goods Issue /SCWM/PACKSTDT
Printer Control /SCWM/TWCPRINT
Define Scales /SCWM/SCALE
Determine Work Center for Cross-Docking /SCWM/CDSTDET


Production Supply Area (PSA)

Define PSA
Assign Bin to PSA/Product/Entitled in Warehouse Number /SCWM/PSASTAGE
Assign Bin to Product/Entitled in PSA /SCWM/PSASTAGE2

Packaging Specification

Maintain Packaging Specification
Maintain Packaging Specification
Maintain Packaging Work Step /SCWM/PSWORKSTEP
Maintain Level Element Group /SCWM/PSEG
Condition Maintenance /SCWM/PSCT6
Define Logical Conditions for Packaging Specifications /SCWM/PSCT5
Define Master Data for Packaging Specifications /SCMB/15000024
Initial Data Transfer of Packaging Specifications /SCWM/IPU


Quality Management

Maintain Inspection Rule
Maintain Quality Level /SCWM/QLEVE
Maintain Sample-Drawing Procedure /SCWM/QSDRWP
Define Master Data of Follow-Up Action /SCWM/QFU_MASTER

Rearrangement (/SCWM/REAR)

Rearrangement (Background)
Analyze Stock Situation /SCWM/WM_ANA
Schedule Replenishment /SCWM/REPL
Make Posting Change for Product  /SCWM/POST

Shipping and Receiving

Process Vehicle
Process Transportation Unit /SCWM/TU
Maintain Door Assignment /SCWM/DOOR


Yard Management

Arrival at/Departure from Checkpoint
Create Warehouse Task in Yard /SCWM/YMOVE


Maintain Shipment
Maintain Freight Document /SCTM/FRD

Interfaces for Sample-Based Physical Inventory

Download Stock Population
Upload Sample to Create PI Documents /SCWM/PI_SAMP_CR
Download Results or Stock Population /SCWM/PI_SAMP_UPDATE


 Route Determination

Define General Transportation Cost Profile
General Settings for Route Determination /SCTM/RG_BASIC
Assign Calendar to Supply Chain Unit /SCTM/DEPCAL
 Location /SAPAPO/LOC3
Transportation Lane /SAPAPO/SCC_TL1
Maintain Route /SCTM/ROUTE
Maintain Zones for Routes /SCTM/ZONE
Carrier Profile for Routing Guide /SCTM/TSPP
Simulate Route Determination /SCTM/RGINT

Settings (/SCWM/CONFIG)

Assign User to Exception Code Profile
Assignments: Warehouse Numbers/Business Partners /SCWM/LGNBP
Assign Warehouse Number/Party Authorized to Customs ID /SCWM/GTS_MAPWH
Activate Application Log /SCWM/ACTLOG
Maintain Goods Movement Bin Determination /SCWM/GMBIN_DET
Activate Asyncronous Delivery Update /SCWM/DLV_ASYN
Determine Algorithm Profiles for Cartonization Planning /SCWM/CAPPDET
Specify Packaging Materials for Collective HUs /SCWM/PMATCOHU


Warehouse Order

Set Up Control Parameters for Warehouse Order Creation /SCWM/WOLOG


Shipping and Receiving

Invoice Before Goods Issue
Link Between Packaging Material (TU) and Means of Transport /SCWM/PM_MTR
Staging Area and Door Determination (Inbound) /SCWM/STADET_IN
Staging Area and Door Determination (Outbound) /SCWM/STADET_OUT
Access Sequence to Staging Areas and Door Determination /SCWM/STADET_ASS
Set Up Printer and Form Determination /SCWM/SR_PRINT



Printer and Form Determination

Form Determination for Bills of Lading
Form Determination for Freight Documents /SCTM/FRDFORMDET
Printer Determination for Transportation Management /SCTM/PRDETFOM
Define Printer Profile for Transportation Management /SCTM/FOM_PRPR

Travel Distance Calculation

Settings for the Travel Distance Calculation
Generate Network /SCWM/TDC_NET


Physical Inventory

Assign User to Tolerance Group for Difference Analyzer
Assign User to Tolerance Group for Recount/Clearing /SCWM/PI_USER


Measurement Services

Tailored Measurement Service with Wizard
Calculated Measurement Service with Wizard /SCWM/CLC_WIZARD
Define Tailored Measurement Service /SCWM/MS_TLR_A
Define Calculated Measurement Service /SCWM/MS_CLC_A
Define Measurement Services in the Warehouse Cockpit /SCWM/EGF_OBJECT
Configure Measurement Services in the Warehouse Cockpit /SCWM/EGF_COCKPIT

Periodic Processing

Start Measurement Services
Delete Measurement Service Results /SCWM/MS_RESULT_DEL


Labor Management

Upload Engineered Labor Standards
Condition Editor /SCWM/LM_CE
Formula Editor /SCWM/LM_FE


Determine RFC Connection for SAP AII Communication
Disallow RFID Goods Movements /SCWM/RFID_POST
Encode RFID Transponder for Resource /SCWM/RFID_RSRC
Enhance Print Condition Tables for RFID Printer /SCWM/RFID_CTPRINT


ERP Integration

Determine and Set Prices from ERP
Synchronize ERP/EWMSettings for Documentation Batches /SCWM/DBATCHSYNC
Administration of Account Assignment Data /SCWM/ACC_IMP_ERP
Map Production Supply Area (PSA) /SCWM/PSAMAP
Replicate Production Supply Area (PSA) /SCWM/PSA_REPLICATE

Data Upload

Stock Data Transfer
Initial Data Transfer of Packaging Specifications /SCWM/IPU
Load Storage Bins /SCWM/SBUP
Load Storage Bin Sorting /SCWM/SRTUP

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